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We come into contact with so many people on a daily basis but its nice when we meet someone who inspires us to make changes in our life and care about the environment even more

I was lucky to meet two inspiring men this past week.

Meet Mike Simpson & Will Rich.

They set out on a journey on March 1st, 2011. Stand up Paddleboard from Key West to Portland Maine with two goals.

1) Raise $25,000 and awareness about The Wounded Warrior Project
2)Clean up the Nations coastline and educate the public about the importance of keeping our beaches clean

I heard about them through some mutual friends of ours who had kayaked from Maine to Key West last year. Thinking it would be neat for them to stay at the resort i work at for the night, i contacted them back in January. I remember very clearly bragging about the beautiful weather that we were having (mid-70s and sunny here on the Georgia Coast) considering it was in the 20s and 30s up in New England where they were training (and call home). We spoke about their affinity for southern cuisine and i assured them that they would leave our shoreline well-fed.

This past Thursday, (April 7th) two men resembling Paddle Boarding-Ninja-Navy seals landed on the shore in front of my hotel.I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I figured that they were tired from being out on the ocean and under the sun for most of the day and I wanted to help them get to their room as soon as possible. People started to slowly walk by them….creep up a bit and timidly ask who they were and what they were doing. Mike and Will started handing out some cards with information and explaining what they were doing.The beach -goers were pretty amazed (as was i)

Mike and Will ended up spending 3 days and two nights at my resort. I was lucky enough to enjoy their company for dinner both evenings and for breakfast on Saturday morning. Talk about a HOOT! We did a lot of talking about life. Where we’ve been, where we are going…our hopes, dreams and goals. We also spoke about the Wounded Warrior Project and the rapid deterioration of the worlds oceans. What amazed me about them was the fact that instead of just talking about it, they have taken action. So many people are quick to open their mouths but reluctant to take action for what they believe in. I think we could all learn a lesson from Mike and Will.

Their journey began at Key West and by the time they make it to Portland, Maine they will have paddled over 2,500 miles, picked up hundreds of pounds of trash in our waterways and met hundreds of people, planted seeds of hope for a cleaner planet and shed light on The Wounded Warrior Project

Thank you, Mike and Will for standing up for those who stood up for our country and our freedom. Thank you for raising awareness about the importance of keeping this little slice of heaven we call home clean for future generations (both human and animals)

To learn more about Mike and Will, to donate to The Wounded Warrior Project or learn more about SUP cleanup visit their website at:


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