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Its been a LONG time since i’ve blogged. Between the car accident that messed up my back, having back surgery because of said car accident, fighting for YEARS with the auto insurance company, changing jobs, moving, quitting my new job and getting married, i’ve been a busy woman!

I’m hoping now that things have started to calm down a bit, I can delve back into blogging and traveling again. While I slowly get that up and going, I plan on getting to know my new hometown, Savannah, Georgia better. I have recently been out and about exploring the city and one of my photos was featured this past Friday on Explore Georgia’sFan Photo Friday” blog! If you have a moment, check out the blog. My photo is of The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Its not a bad photo considering I took it from a moving trolley while I was touring the city with Old Savannah Tours. (I’ll be writing more about them soon)

Anyways, I hope I still have some readers out there. It would be great to hear from you!

**This is my photo that Explore Georgia is featuring on their blog**


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