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One day, my passport is going to be so full of stamps, its going to need a vacation from me :)

This part of my bucket list is a work in progress.

Serenbe -This place is the equivalent of Disney World for my inner tree hugger/foodie. I’d love to live here one day.


Villa DiGeggiano-Located a few miles outside of Siena, Italy in the Tuscan countryside with their own winery and olive grove….this place is magical.


Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay– Ok…dont laugh. I fell in love with the resort when i watched “American Wedding”. Dont judge. Its beautiful though and i’d love to see California too.


Ice Hotel-Sweden. Its pretty funny that i want to stay here because i’m ALWAYS cold. But, you’ve got to admit. Staying in an ice hotel is pretty neat. Its like an adult igloo with great alcohol!


La Mamounia– Morocco.I havent been lucky enough to visit Morocco yet. The closest i’ve gotten is a postcard that was sent to me from a very dear friend of mine. That postcard….hearing about his trip and looking at his photos made me want to visit more than ever. I’m sure if i go, i’d stay in a hostel but hey…..ya gotta dream BIG sometimes!
Kruger National Park -South Africa. I dont think you realize how much i love Africa and want to visit. Forget Europe. I WANT TO GO TO AFRICA! Have i made myself clear? I’m still kicking myself for not going when I had the chance to go for free a few years back. I WILL go to Africa.
Casa Iguana -Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. – I found out about Casa Iguana when some former co-workers of mine moved there to run the day to day operations of this eco-lodge. Again, its the tree-hugger in me that loves this place. Its simply amazing, unspoiled beauty.

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