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Its been a LONG time since i’ve blogged. Between the car accident that messed up my back, having back surgery because of said car accident, fighting for YEARS with the auto insurance company, changing jobs, moving, quitting my new job and getting married, i’ve been a busy woman!

I’m hoping now that things have started to calm down a bit, I can delve back into blogging and traveling again. While I slowly get that up and going, I plan on getting to know my new hometown, Savannah, Georgia better. I have recently been out and about exploring the city and one of my photos was featured this past Friday on Explore Georgia’sFan Photo Friday” blog! If you have a moment, check out the blog. My photo is of The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Its not a bad photo considering I took it from a moving trolley while I was touring the city with Old Savannah Tours. (I’ll be writing more about them soon)

Anyways, I hope I still have some readers out there. It would be great to hear from you!

**This is my photo that Explore Georgia is featuring on their blog**


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I fell in love with Ft. Worth from the moment i pulled up to the hotel.

Check In: The Ashton is a historic hotel located in the heart of downtown Ft.Worth. I checked into my room and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was beautifully decorated, spacious and impeccably clean. The room was absolutely perfect and i was actually a little sad that i was “only” staying for two nights. (My inner hotel snob was giddy to say the least). Nightly turndown service includes homemade chocolate chip cookies which were great for a late night snack after a night on the town.

After dropping our bags at the hotel and getting changed, we took a stroll over to Cantina Laredo. It was a beautiful walk…the crisp air was filled with the sound of live music and the
trees were decorated with white lights (so romantic!)

: Cantina Laredo. After working all day and then catching a flight to Dallas i was starving. My friend suggested a bite to eat at this place and i’m so glad we went. I’m always down for some good Mexican food so add “Gourmet” to that and give me a thirst quenching “Casa Rita” and i’m good to go! I can be quite indecisive and my friend suggested the sampler platter. It was easily enough for two people and there was still leftovers. Great food, great drinks, great service and of course,  great company.

Grab a Drink: Another quick walk and we were at Sundance Square-ready to grab a drink at Flying Saucer. With over 80 beers on tap (yes 80!) and 100 in the bottle this is THE place to go in Ft. Worth if you are looking to try a new brew.

Jazz it Up: Picture this…you are walking down the street-you turn the corner and there is this little Jazz club tucked away in an alley. Walk up, give the man your name and he lets you past the velvet rope. You step into an elevator and go to the basement, step out and you are in the nicest little Jazz joint I have ever seen. Its dark, there was some amazing live music playing, we grabbed some drinks and sat in a booth tucked away. Scat Jazz Lounge is exactly what a Jazz club should be-and so much more.

Thank you, Ft.Worth and The Ashton Hotel. I cant wait to come back and visit again soon.

Photos courtesy of The Ashton Hotel

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Its been forever since ive blogged. I guess i took about a year hiatus. Its time for me to get back into it and i’d really like to start right now but its 2am and i’m finally getting sleepy. So, here is a beautiful sunset photo I took a week ago on my island-(St.Simons Island, GA)

Sometimes we are looking so hard to find the perfect place ….only to find ourselves right back where we started and thats is perfectly ok.

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I’m In Love

I’m in love.

And no, its not with a guy (or even a girl) or a puppy…..i’m in love with a place.

Part of me is being selfish and doesn’t want to share my new favorite place with you-as the secret will eventually get out and that’s part of the beauty of this place.

The place i’m talking about is Little St.Simons Island, GA

Time stands still on your own private island. Yes, it can be shared with upto about 30 of your closest friends (or strangers who may end up becoming your friends) You lose track of the time, you lose track of days as you relax and renew your body, mind and spirit in an amazingly tranquil environment. Fishing poles take the place of Blackberrys. Relaxing by the fireplace takes the place of sitting in front of the tv. Dinner on the go is replaced by family style meals in the lodge where you learn about everyones day and what everyone did that day.

Forget seeing a Bald Eagle on TV. Walk outside and you’ll see them! Forget running around the house trying to catch the dog for the 3rd time today. Walk outside and try to catch an Armadillo! (they are pretty fun to try and catch) Forget making breakfast, lunch and dinner-the staff at Little St.Simons Island will do that for you to (and it will be DELICIOUS). They’ve got an organic garden and usually something on your plate is from the garden. If you catch a fish, you can have it for dinner or take it home with you and eat it at home.

Little St. Simons is doing their best to be as Green as possible which makes me love the staff and the island even more. They are recognized by Green Globe 21 which is a certification and improvement program for sustainable tourism and travel. Little SSI is only the 2nd orginization in the USA to acheive this certification.

So that is really the short list of reason i’m in love with Little St.Simons Island. This island is about 30 minutes from my home and i actually considered never leaving. Seriously. I’m in love.

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My First Post

Ok-Bear with me this is my first post on my (own) blog. I’ve been blogging for my company for a while now and finally decided to make my own blog so i can speak my mind freely and write about whatever I want. Hopefully as time goes on ill be able to add a lot of good stuff to this. Keep checking back and don’t forget to say hello!!!

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