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One day, my passport is going to be so full of stamps, its going to need a vacation from me :)

This part of my bucket list is a work in progress.

Serenbe -This place is the equivalent of Disney World for my inner tree hugger/foodie. I’d love to live here one day.


Villa DiGeggiano-Located a few miles outside of Siena, Italy in the Tuscan countryside with their own winery and olive grove….this place is magical.


Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay– Ok…dont laugh. I fell in love with the resort when i watched “American Wedding”. Dont judge. Its beautiful though and i’d love to see California too.


Ice Hotel-Sweden. Its pretty funny that i want to stay here because i’m ALWAYS cold. But, you’ve got to admit. Staying in an ice hotel is pretty neat. Its like an adult igloo with great alcohol!


La Mamounia– Morocco.I havent been lucky enough to visit Morocco yet. The closest i’ve gotten is a postcard that was sent to me from a very dear friend of mine. That postcard….hearing about his trip and looking at his photos made me want to visit more than ever. I’m sure if i go, i’d stay in a hostel but hey…..ya gotta dream BIG sometimes!
Kruger National Park -South Africa. I dont think you realize how much i love Africa and want to visit. Forget Europe. I WANT TO GO TO AFRICA! Have i made myself clear? I’m still kicking myself for not going when I had the chance to go for free a few years back. I WILL go to Africa.
Casa Iguana -Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. – I found out about Casa Iguana when some former co-workers of mine moved there to run the day to day operations of this eco-lodge. Again, its the tree-hugger in me that loves this place. Its simply amazing, unspoiled beauty.

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A New Beginning

‘Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.”

~F.Scott Fitzgerald-The Great Gatsby~


I’m hitting the “Reset” button-on my LIFE.  I guess it happens to everyone eventually. You are driving down the road of life and everythings fine until one day when you look up and realize you made a wrong turn somewhere. And instead of being on that same road you are lost in a different country (or so it seems).  It finally happened to me. I woke up one morning and wondered how i ended up in this “place”. I couldn’t smile, couldn’t laugh. My joy was gone. I worked my 9-5 job and i was a big heap of misery. I’d go home and shut my door and close out the world. Life sucked.


But this is where it ends. This is where I draw the line and take MY life back


This past week I decided things had to change. I made a few phone calls and booked a hotel room at a resort not far from where I live. It was time to start fresh. So here I am sitting in this amazing hotel room reflecting on my past and looking towards the future. One thing that i’ve noticed is that I have no goals. And now, it seems silly not to have them. We should always be striving to be the best person that we can be both personally and professionally. I’d like to share some of my goals with you.


1) Love myself more. I’ve made quite a habit out of putting myself down, putting the rest of the world before myself and not seeing my full potential. Loving myself means taking time for ME. (kinda like i am right now….a weekend all to myself!) It means i wont settle for second-best in any area of my life and I will surround myself with people who are positive and uplifting. No more toxic people or relationships.


2) Get HEALTHY! The one thing i’ve got going for me is that I dont remember the last time I was sick…so thats a good start! If im going to live to be 100 I had better start taking care of myself because i’ve only got 1 body and its irreplaceable and cant ever be traded in. I will eat more whole-foods, more local produce (and more produce in general), less junk food (make that FAR less). I will start going to the gym again and give 110% of myself to improving myself physically. I also want to try eating no meat for 2 weeks (or more), I’d like to try Yoga and finally try kayaking as well. My hope is that while getting healthy I will have more energy and it will also help improve the way I feel about myself.


3) Write. Writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember but somewhere along the line I lost that passion. I forgot how much I enjoyed getting those words out of my soul (and head) and into the world. I am committing to blog more-A minimum of 2 times a week (to start) and hopefully more after that. Id like this blog to be travel-related but there will be a personal touch to it as well. I hope everyone enjoys reading about my life cause it’ll be on here for the world to see. My hope is to one day be a published travel writer. To do that it is imperative that I work on my writing skills. I welcome any and all suggestions and feedback from anyone who is reading this blog.


Please bear with me as I make these changes. There are several more changes that i’d like to make but these are the three that I feel are the most important right now. I feel like I should have an “Under Construction” sign around my neck. :) I cant wait to see what the future has in store for me. Finally….after years of waking up in the morning with dread…I can wake up EXCITED about what each new day has in store for me.

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